Human Resources v Personnel – What’s in a Title?


How the terms Human Resources and Personnel are viewed by Employees, Companies, and Professionals, and the differences between UK and the US.

The Personality of Human Resources: What happened to Personnel?

Human Resources Paper

Everyone talks about Human Resources with a frown – those people that try to keep the Company on the correct side of the Law. Always implementing yet more policies to stop you from getting on with your job. The ones you go to see when your work isn’t up to scratch.

It’s all about the legislation and making sure you toe the line.

Ask an employee what they think the difference is about Human Resources or Personnel and they can be seen as quite different personalities. Human Resources – the face of the Company, corporate, business orientated. Personnel – people, more staff orientated, more approachable.

Human Resources comes over as people as a use, a commodity, a resource.

Personnel sparks of people, individuals, real live living beings.

I can in no way buck the trend of the use of Human Resources. New terms like Human Capital and Human Services are now coming in which seem to move it even further from the personal touch.

I know HR is about more than just people management, and Personnel is a thing of the past, but we need to give it back a more people orientated feel. Development and working with employees, improving them to improve the Company – not just comply with the minimal to cover the Law.

Employees are not just a commodity they are the thing that can grow or limit a Company. How is your ‘Resource’ used? Let me know your comments below.