The No. 1 reason for not taking on employees? – Health & Safety. Why?

highlighting health & safety legislation

Recent Government research indicates that the top deterrent against employers taking on new employees is Health & Safety legislation and that this is of particular concern to micro-businesses. Heavy employer responsibilities, risk of fines and prohibition orders for non-compliance, and the doubled risk to new employees within their first 6 months of employment may look like too much of a risk for small companies. But is it really so difficult to comply that companies should stop their expansion?

Just a little bit of planning, preparation and action can unlock the ability for your business to begin taking on new employees to continue reaching new, bigger and better goals. To achieve this can be as simple as amending or creating usable Induction Policies and Health & Safety Policies for your company.

But where to start? … At the beginning of course!

Firstly, to ensure basic Health & Safety information is passed to all new employees on their first day (and avoiding that £15,000 HSE fine), why not make it part of their Induction, covering what to do in the case of an alarm, where the Fire Exits, Call Points and Extinguishers are, what to do in the case of an accident or injury etc. Next to ensure that all new employees receive all the Health & Safety training required for their position in your team, consider the Hazards and Risk associated with their job and include any necessary training in these areas in their initial weeks’ training program. See the HSE guide for more information.

As far as taking on new employees is concerned, this is the employer’s basic health and safety responsibilities covered – it really is that simple and you’re on your way!

The next step may be Policies and Risk Assessments – but they’re not so daunting – and if they are then there is always someone to help and advise. The benefits of new employees to help grow your Company far outweigh the perceived problems.

Creating the right First Impression with new employees?

Are you creating the right First Impression with your new employees?

new employees ready for the induction process

As the force that drives your company on a day to day basis; your employees are your biggest asset. However, each new employee is a new gamble.

Will your new employee work well within your established team? Can their individual talents be wielded to improve your business? Or will they become a liability, disruptive to production, a waste of the time and energy, or even cost you extra money?!? -Induction Counts.

The first impression you give your new employee sets the tone for their new working environment, and has a direct impact on their motivation and ultimately their productivity. An employee will work their best only when they are fully aware of what is expected of them and are suitably equipped for the tasks required of them, so the faster this is achieved the faster they can start making you more money!

Is your business organised with clearly communicated procedures and business structure and does a new employee and their colleagues know where they fit in this? Have you ensured that a new employee will have all the information and equipment required to complete tasks including any specialised equipment that may be required for the employee’s individual needs? To fulfil just these basic needs planning has to start before a new employee arrives for their first day, making sure everything is in place for their smooth transition into your company.

A new employee ‘diamond’ could still turn to a ‘sour grape’ if you have not complied with laws and regulations during the induction process, any legal trip up can lead to a costly fine. Your legal responsibilities include checking and recording evidence of an employee’s Right to Work eligibility, and providing basic Health and Safety training when an employee starts. Non-compliance in these two combined could cost your business up to £25,000! Also, with the average Tribunal Discrimination award being £10,000+ it is important to ensure you show no discrimination; knowing what health checks you can make, monitoring for disability, and checking credentials of all applicants at the same point in the induction process.

Looking for help with your induction policies and procedures?

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