The No. 1 reason for not taking on employees? – Health & Safety. Why?

highlighting health & safety legislation

Recent Government research indicates that the top deterrent against employers taking on new employees is Health & Safety legislation and that this is of particular concern to micro-businesses. Heavy employer responsibilities, risk of fines and prohibition orders for non-compliance, and the doubled risk to new employees within their first 6 months of employment may look like too much of a risk for small companies. But is it really so difficult to comply that companies should stop their expansion?

Just a little bit of planning, preparation and action can unlock the ability for your business to begin taking on new employees to continue reaching new, bigger and better goals. To achieve this can be as simple as amending or creating usable Induction Policies and Health & Safety Policies for your company.

But where to start? … At the beginning of course!

Firstly, to ensure basic Health & Safety information is passed to all new employees on their first day (and avoiding that £15,000 HSE fine), why not make it part of their Induction, covering what to do in the case of an alarm, where the Fire Exits, Call Points and Extinguishers are, what to do in the case of an accident or injury etc. Next to ensure that all new employees receive all the Health & Safety training required for their position in your team, consider the Hazards and Risk associated with their job and include any necessary training in these areas in their initial weeks’ training program. See the HSE guide for more information.

As far as taking on new employees is concerned, this is the employer’s basic health and safety responsibilities covered – it really is that simple and you’re on your way!

The next step may be Policies and Risk Assessments – but they’re not so daunting – and if they are then there is always someone to help and advise. The benefits of new employees to help grow your Company far outweigh the perceived problems.